12 June 2011

Urban Leader Summit 2011, "The Green Reality Check"

More than 150 guests of the real estate world - representatives of the private sector and the public - met on Tuesday for the "Green Reality Check" of the ULI Germany in the exceptional ambience of the Chile Haus in Hamburg to discuss with top officials and experts and exchange opinions. Unanimous tenor of the conference was that the very private investors so far largely "think green" only inside the building and do not perceive the city as a whole. Green in places, areas and foundation for a quality of life is still seen primarily as a task of the cities. However, signs are already evident from a slight change in thinking: as well as investors have long recognized that the environment of your property will significantly affect their value.

The talks have highlighted the different aspects and goals that are the framework for sustainable urban development, economic and environmental issues in the coming years. The conference was opened with pulses of regeneration of the cities by the World Future Council. Particularly the real estate portfolio was clearly defined by all stakeholders as a core subject and moved like a red thread through the entire event. "Buildings have the highest CO2-saving potential," confirmed Alexander Otto, CEO of ECE, the importance of sustainable renovation of existing buildings in his presentation.

Over 2 / 3 of the energy produced today is consumed in cities, but for heating and cooling of buildings are more than 30% of energy needs. This shows that task to the real estate industry and public stock holders in the next few years belongs, if we are to achieve an increase in resource efficiency in cities and improve the climate record and must contribute. It may not mutate into a sustainable luxury, and only reflected in newly-built green buildings or elaborate renovations in A-layer. Sustainability must be achieved across the board, growth in locations as well as in declining regions, such as Sachsen Anhalt. This is Karl Heinz Daehre, Minister of Saxony Anhalt aD In his speech, presented in an impressive manner.

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