27 June 2011

See ... Nat Ceramic Fillers, Colourful!

Many manufacturers to innovate to meet market needs for products and materials of building materials. One building products such as ceramic adhesives, which can now be found in different colors according to the colorful tiles. Marketing Manager Adiwisesa Mandiri (AM) John Benson said the building product innovation could not be separated from the growth properties that affect the high demand for building materials and projects at the retail level. According to him, supporting products are used building materials underestimated, such as ceramic filler grout for example, has now become one of the important need to obtain a perfect building qualities.

"We want to educate people who still use conventional ways such as using cement sand to switch to using tile adhesive and grout ceramic filler that is more sophisticated. This is so that the quality of the floor and walls of the building a strong, beautiful, and durable," said John in sidelines of the exhibition "Indonesia Building Technology 2011" at the Jakarta Convention Center on Thursday (06/23/2011).

Tiles popping
One innovation of products issued ceramic filler grout AM is colored grout filler. Grout filler is a material specially designed for homogeneous tiles, ceramic, marble, or granite on the floors and walls. Choice of colors available various colors and can be customized with tile or ceramic. Colors are also durable and does not fade, no cracks, and easy to clean and resistant to mildew or fungus. "Our grout filler or contains Microban antimicrobial technology that can address the problem of fungal growth. Colors are available to meet the ceramic tile and color options are numerous," said John.

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