04 June 2011

Baby Room Paint Safe When Pregnant ?

Is it safe to paint baby's room, while I'm pregnant?

Pregnant women can be exposed to paint through different circumstances that include the use of household appliances, is shopping at the mall, when he was at work and so forth.

Basically there are three categories of paint that you can get: latex, solvent, and paint thinner. This type of latex paint as wall paint type is generally diluted with water, paint type solvent such as oil paint. While paint thinners berpengencer generally similar to the type of paint solvent such as MELAMIC, polyurethane and others.

Generally paints containing solvents and paint thinners harder than latex type, especially of the odor generated. Toxicity level of pregnancy can not currently be predicted, because currently there is no method of measuring actual exposure. Possible toxicity of paint depending on the chemicals and solvents found in paint.

Currently there are no scientific studies documenting the impact of house painting, pregnancy and the fetus. From what we assume, house painting involves a very low level exposure to toxic chemicals. However, it is still advisable to minimize or avoid painting altogether, if possible.

If you really have to paint the baby's room, there are some guidelines you can follow to reduce the possibility of exposure to paint. First, if you paint yourself, protect your skin by wearing protective clothing that includes long pants, long sleeved shirt and gloves.

Next, limit the time you spend on paint job, take a break and move to fresh air as often as possible. If it does not paint itself, which must be considered is make sure that the room and the house has good ventilation and open windows, so the steam can come out and paint does not cause strong odors.

Finally, keep food and beverages away from the exposure area, to prevent solvents and chemicals accidentally consumed with food and drinks that are exposed.

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