06 June 2011

Atmosphere is super

The spring survey for the Aengevelt Residential Investment Index (AWI) provides the overall mood at the residential property market rose for the seventh consecutive time. With a value of 65.2, he improved in the quarter compared to 2.1 points. Especially portfolio holders benefit from rising rents and purchase prices. Tenants must agree on the next two years, partly significant rent increases set. Even if the positive trend has affected all now, which may differentiate according to estimates of area (easy, medium, well) much as before.

In general, the prospects for better positions to be - part of 79.8 index points (up 1.1) - rated more positive than for simple documents. However, the low to mid gain positions with the usual time delay for about two quarters in importance. The sub-index for average earnings rose compared with the previous survey in January 2011 (winter survey 2010/2011) by 2.4 points to 71.9 points and the sub-index for basic earnings by 2.1 points to 49.4 points.

On average, 42% expect a decline in housing vacancy rates. For documentation see the good even 63%. In contrast, expected around the same time also. 20% of respondents in simple areas rising apartment vacancy rates. Nevertheless, only 15% expect decreasing rents. A quarter of the respondents is even in simple situations from rising rents.

60% of participants expect in a good location in light of the low construction activity, the continuing growth in household numbers and the resulting excess demand with a rise of the new building for rent. In simple living quarters, the majority of respondents (42%), however, expect to go back to the apartment building is. With residential investments likely in good locations, 67% and 52% at an average altitude of experts with a rising demand, while only 18% expect it in simple situations.

The expected cost of approx. 85% of the participants to increase. In terms of energy recovery is questionable especially in simple situations, the possibilities of investments turn on rents. In simple situations energetic refurbishment is useful if it could be combined with already scheduled rehabilitation work.

"The real estate letter" Conclusion: The Survey responses indicate that we live well in an economy with steadily rising demand for and financially-backed
Central and hochpreisigem housing. It would examine whether that corresponds with the development of income, which we doubt, or to what extent the share of housing costs in disposable income that hindümpelt before him, for with the continuously rising costs and ever-increasing output blocks Telecommunications.

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