09 June 2011

1778 House Prosperous Inaugurated in Central Java

Minister of State for Public Housing (Menpera) Suharso Monoarfa inaugurate footprint prosperous 1778 housing units built by members of the Real Estate Indonesia (REI) in Semarang, Central Java. Prosperous homes is expected to reduce the deficiency needs (backlog) of housing in Indonesia. Suharso who was accompanied by the chairman of REI Setyo Maharso welcomed the prosperous development of 1778 housing units built by members of the REI Central Java.

"I hope the next members of Real Estate Indonesia (REI), Central Java, to continue working to implement housing construction site welfare, particularly for lower middle income people," said Suharso in Semarang, Central Java, as quoted in a press release received by Kompas. com, on Wednesday (08/06/2011).

A total of 1778 homes this prosperous footprint spread across several cities in Central Java. Some housing that was inaugurated in BRD Residence Pekalongan much as 296 units, 245 units Boyolali Park Sentosa, Bukit Mutiara Jaya 1 and 2 Semarang 417 units, Muria Beautiful Ghost III 355 units, 215 units Grobogan Petagriya Belle, and Pearl Park Persada Starch 250. Regarding the construction of housing units, Suharso said that this responsibility is the responsibility of local government (local government), local.

"Government can play an active role in providing coordination in terms of land and construction permits. Local Government should be able to help carry out these tasks and ensure passage of the two mechanisms," he said.

Meanwhile, Kemenpera alone in 2011 will start to get into the side of providing low-cost housing. Planned residential development can be done in manufacturing, so they can build in large enough quantities, and built in a relatively short time.

"Kemenpera also target low-cost housing development as much as 1 million units for the community. Low-cost housing program will be facilitated by FLPP and self-help housing program. Therefore, we hope the Government can come to support this low-cost housing program," he said.

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